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⚔️ EV Training

SoulDementor by SoulDementor Feb 22, 2022

-Evtraining is the process of defeating pokemon to give you pokemon a slight edge, sort of like Exp but slightly different.
-When you defeat a pokemon you will gain between 1-3's of specific stats either hp, atk, def, sp atk, sp def, and speed.
-Every 4 Ev's increase your pokemons base stats by 1 at level 100// so it take s8 to increase y 1 at level 50 and so on.
-In PokeOne you can spend 510 of these ev's with a max of 252 in each stat.
-There are many guides that tell you what pokemon to defeat to get which ev's so i will not get into that there as i believe that is the least efficient way of training them there is.
-In game we have the POWER items, this amazing items when held by a pokemon will give it 8 addition ev's in the stats designated by the item for each pokemon defeated.

Six power items are:-
1-Power Anklet=Speed
2-Power Band=Special defence
3-Power Belt=Defence
4-Power Bracer=Attack
5-Power Lens=Special Attack
6-Power Weight=Hit Points
-There are also Ev training buffs which double you ev yields. when used in conjunction with the power items you will recieve ATLEAST 18 ev's per pokemon defeated
-They are pretty common buffs and you can usually obtain a week for less than 20k so i would by one before you decide to go train a bunch of pokemon

Check for needed ev's or ask one of our pvp players for a good set as smogon is not perfect for our meta!
Samuel Marlow

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Red Shard Tutor
Move Name Shards
Bounce 4
Bug Bite 2
Covet 2
Drill Run 4
Dual Chop 6